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If you believe you may be experiencing possible bowel cancer symptoms, you should seek advice from your GP and ask about further investigations.  It is better to visit your GP early and be reassured and treated than to hope symptoms will disappear or get better. 

REMEMBER - However old you are, you should never be told that you are too young to have bowel cancer. Whilst bowel cancer is more common in people from age 50, it increasingly affects all age groups.  If you have symptoms ask your GP to be referred for further investigations.

If you have any questions about your bowel cancer, you should contact the medical team at the hospital where you are being treated in the first instance.
You will have a number of contacts at your local hospital who can answer specific questions about your treatment, and you should not be afraid to ask for help if you are worried at any stage of your bowel cancer journey.
However, sometimes you may not be able to get hold of your team, or you may just want to clarify information you have been given.
You might simply be having a bad day, and need someone to lend a sympathetic ear. Or maybe you need to talk to a member of Bowel Cancer Australia's Peer-to-Peer Network who is going through, or has been through, a similar experience and share coping strategies.
Or you may have general questions about bowel cancer. 
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Bowel Cancer Australia's Bowel Care Nurses 
If you are worried about any aspect of the disease – whether you have symptoms and you don't know what to do; or if you have been diagnosed, or have questions about treatment options. Whatever the reason, please don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly, trained Bowel Care Nurses.
Registered nurses provide information and support to anyone with a question or experience related to bowel cancer.
This service is typically of most value to people newly diagnosed with bowel cancer and their families, particularly during the first 6 to 12 weeks of treatment.
The nurse advisory service enables patients to clarify information they have been given earlier by their treating doctor and other members of the health team. Bowel Cancer Australia's Bowel Care Nurses add an extra layer of support to the trusted relationship patients have with their treating medical team at a very difficult time.
You can email Bowel Cancer Australia's Bowel Care Nurses any time for advice.  Please send your questions using the form below and you will receive a response within 5 working days.
Alternatively, please call Bowel Cancer Australia's helpline on 1800 555 494 (10am-4pm weekdays).
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