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Ainslie's Kick Ass Story

"My bowel cancer journey began in May 2018 and little did I know that the symptoms I was experiencing would lead to such a diagnosis." Click here to read Ainslie's full story

Alexandra's Kick Ass Story

"I was told that I would be hit with every treatment possible as soon as possible given my age and relative good health. The aim was to shrink the cancer down to a point that I would then be able to have surgery." Click here to read Alexandra's full story. 

Benita's Kick Ass Story

"Hi, my name is Benita and it is a year since I received my stage 4 bowel cancer diagnosis." Click here to read Benita's full story.

Bridget's Kick Ass Story

"My name is Bridget Bennie I am 34 years old and a mum of a 3 and 1 year old. In May 2018 my world was rocked, when I was diagnosed with stage IIIa Bowel Cancer." Click here to read Bridget's full story. 

Barbara's Kick Ass Story

"My name is Barbara and I was first diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2015, three days after I turned 60. I am the youngest of six children, mum and dad lived till 85 and 91 respectively and there is no record of any cancer in my family history." Click here to read Barbara's full story

Chantelle M's Kick Ass Story

I’m not sure why this has taken me so long to write. It’s almost like I wasn’t ready to actually face everything that I’ve been through over the past 2 years. 36 years old. October 2016 – my diagnosis……rectal cancer. Click here to read Chantelle's full story.

Christina's Kick Ass Story

"When my father told me 15-20 years ago that he’d had a colonoscopy and had a few polyps removed, I didn’t give it a second thought. I thought, ‘standard stuff’ for a man his age. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone and asked for colonoscopy at a much younger age". Click here to read Christina's full story.

Christine G's Kick Ass Story

"September 2017, at the age of 46 is the moment in time where my kick ass story began. It is from this point I had to find courage, strength and determination like I had never experienced before to fight and beat Stage 3 Bowel Cancer." Click here to read Christine's full story. 

Dahlia M's Kick Ass Story

On Thursday the 11th of October 2018 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I am 27 years old. Click here to read Dahlia's full story.

Donna M's Kick Ass Story

Just 5 months ago, my life changed forever, when I was told that I have colon cancer. At the time, I was 39 and living my best life, having recently relocated to Brisbane with my husband and young son; I was on extended long service leave from my job while we settled into our new life. Click here to read Donna's full story. 

Elaine S's Kick Ass Story

My name is Sue, and my mum Elaine fought bowel cancer for 28 years. Click here to read Elaine's full story. 

Emily's Kick Ass Story

"In January last year my identical twin sister (29 years of age that year) Christina was experiencing pain in her stomach all day. They then confirmed the Cancer is Stage 4 & has spread to her pelvic area including her ovaries/uterus." Click here to read Emily's full story. 

Emma's Kick Ass Story

"So it’s been a year now since a surgeon at the Alfred Hospital walked into my room and said you can go home; we found tumours, cancer, so we will be in touch." Click here to read Emma's full story. 

Erin's Kick Ass Story

“The day before my son's first birthday I went in for my colonoscopy (fully thinking that it would be a tear in my bowel as that is what a couple of the specialists had said). But I awoke to the doctor telling me that I had Stage 3 bowel cancer, I couldn't believe it, I was 27 years old.” Click here to read Erin's full story. 

Fiona's Kick Ass Story

"My name's Fiona Tigar and I'm 52 years old. I work in healthcare and have worked in the area of bowel cancer; I'm even studying for a degree in health promotion, so acting on the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer should be high on my radar. And it was. Sort of." Click here to read Fiona's full story. 

Gemma's Kick Ass Story

"My world got turned upside down last year when I was diagnosed with Stage IV bowel cancer. The technical terms on top of my forms, Stage IV Metastatic Colorectal Cancer – that is cancer that has spread to other organs. Goodness I went into hospital with gallstone pain…. And came out with cancer." Click here to read Gemma's full story. 

Helen D's Kick Ass Story

I received my bowel cancer kit in the mail for my 50th birthday. I opened it, read about what I had to do, thought yuck ...poo on a stick in the fridge; I’ll do this some other time. And so the kit went into a drawer.... for later. Click here to read Helen's full story

Hollie's Kick Ass Story 

"During treatment I felt isolated. I felt weak. I felt alone. I felt nauseous from the treatment. I felt tired. But I also felt determined, courageous and committed to never give up and do anything I could to beat it." Click here to read Hollie's full story.

Jaime's Kick Ass Story

"My name is Jaime and I am a 36 year old mother of three children (Leonard, 3, Cecilia, 4 and Maisie, 6) from Perth. In May 2014, four days after the birth of my third child, I was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer that had spread to my liver and my lungs. I have been having treatment, on and off, since that time and I live a fulfilling and happy life with advanced cancer!" Click here to read Jaime's full story. 

Jessie D's Kick Ass Story

Hi I’m Jessie and I’m now 27 years old and a survivor of bowel cancer. Click here to read Jessie's full story. 

Joanne L's Kick Ass Story

The year 2012 I turned 40 and I thought the year was going to be one of my best years. I have two beautiful daughters who at the time were 4 years and 2 1/2 years old. I started feeling very tired every day. I just put it down to having young children and being a busy mum/wife. I had low iron for many years too so I thought it must have been that as well. Click here to read Joanne's full story

Kat's Kick Ass Story

"I’m Kat, a 34 year old woman who was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer at age 33." Click here to read Kat's full story. 

Kathy's Kick Ass Story

"My name is Kathy, I’m 56, married, no kids and live in Pinjarra W.A. I began my journey in 2014 and my symptoms started with bleeding from the bottom. I did all the tests from my GP and then a colonoscopy which confirmed the tumour in my colon." Click here to read Kathy's full story. 

Kay W's Kick Ass Story

"On the 7th March 2005 at 49 years of age I was told I had bowel cancer which had spread to my liver." Click here to read Kay's full story. 

Kelly M's Kick Ass Story

"My bowel cancer story started in September of 2018 at the age of 34 after already being through a ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment at 24." Click here to read Kelly's fully story. 

Kerrie K's full story

My name is Kerry, diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer in Sept 2018 aged 53. Click here to read Kerrie's full story

Kim F's Kick Ass Story

Never in my wildest of dreams could I ever have imagined I would hear the words, "you have 6 months to 2 years left," especially at the age of 36. Click here to read Kim's full story

Kylie's Kick Ass Story

"What do people with bowel cancer look like? Surely, they must feel sick even if they don't look sick? Not always and certainly not in my case." Click here to read Kylie's full story.

Lauren's Kick Ass Story

"Sadly, since being diagnosed at age 27 with Stage 3C bowel cancer I have learnt that a number of other young women have had very similar experiences with their own health care professional." Click here to read Lauren's full story. 

Lesley's Kick Ass Story

"I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. I had radiation, followed by chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumour, an ileostomy, and 10 more procedures over the next four years due to complications from radiation/perforated bowel." Click here to read Lesley's full story. 

Linda C's Kick Ass Story

"In March 2015, at age 47, I discovered a huge lump on the right side of my abdomen. I left it for a while as I thought it would go away. After a week I thought I had better go to my GP." Click here to read Linda's full story

Linda H's Kick Ass Story 

"Colonoscopy procedure performed which showed an 8cm rectal mass from the anal verge in the Sigmoid Colon. CT scan & MRI one week later." Click here to read Linda's full story

Lizzy's Kick Ass Story

"Being told at 22 that you have cancer is something you think would never happen to you. I still remember the exact spot I was sitting when I got the phone call of my biopsy results." Click here to read Lizzy's full story.

Loretta's Kick Ass Story

"I was 33 when I was diagnosed with stage 3 sigmoid bowel cancer. I didn’t know anything about bowel cancer before my diagnosis, nor did I think my digestive problems could be because of it." Click here to read Loretta's full story. 

Loretta M's Kick Ass Story

"My name is Loretta McEvoy, and at the age of 49, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer." Click here to Loretta's full story. 

Mallory's Kick Ass Story

"I'm Mallory. I was diagnosed one year ago with stage three colon cancer. Prior to diagnosis I was experiencing anaemia, blood in stools, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and fatigue." Click here to read Mallory's full story. 

Marisa's Kick Ass Story

"It's been almost 12 months since I finished my treatment and I have had my follow up scans and colonoscopy/gastroscopy and everything has come back clear which is a huge relief. In the back of my mind it is a fear that it may return but as long as the scans keep coming back clear and keep on top of my regular check-ups then I am positive I can move forward living a healthy and cancer free life." Click here to read Marisa's full story.

Marisa's Kick Ass Story (update)

I am happy to report that I am still bowel cancer free! I attend regular appointments with my doctors and specialists, and I have also become a lot more conscious of my overall health. Click here to read Marisa's update.

Marita's Kick Ass Story 

"I was 32 when I was finally diagnosed with bowel cancer. I say finally as I had been going to the GPs for just over a year with issues." Click here to read Marita's full story. 

Maureen's Kick Ass Story

"I had just turned 50 and was planning on having a colonoscopy at 50, when my father was diagnosed with a small but nasty bowel cancer at age 76. Prior to him, there was no bowel cancer in the family." Click here to read Maureen's full story. 

Megan's Kick Ass Story

"I was 37 when I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015. My mum had bowel cancer at 57. I recall telling her off because she had bleeding for quite a while. She thought it was a haemorrhoid, but finally went in to have it checked after at least a year or two of symptoms. I also had bleeding." Click here to read Megan's full story. 

Melissa's Kick Ass Story

"I was 33 years old and learnt very quickly that in the blink of an eye your life can change. Your goals, dreams, and priorities are all forced to take different turns." Click here to read Melissa's full story. 

Michele M's Kick Ass Story

I was diagnosed at 36 in 2012 with a 10cm tumor in my rectum. Unbelievably, there was NO pain or discomfort and no visible bleeding. Click here to read Michele's full story.

Nat's Kick Ass Story

"In November 2013, at the age of 32, I had just had a career change after being made redundant and had plans to go on extended travels the following year when I mentioned to my boyfriend that I had experienced bleeding when I went to the toilet that had persisted for a few days on a number of occasions." Click here to read Nat's full story. 

Neva's Kick Ass Story 

"The doctor started with "they found cancer cells in the biopsy". He saw the look on my face. What did you say?! He looked me in the eye and said "Don't worry we were shocked too. We double tested your sample. It's definitely you - I'm sorry!"  Click here to read Neva's full story. 

Rachael's Kick Ass Story

"My journey started with a sore back. We all get sore from time to time especially as we age. We can't evade age to hold onto our youth; age wins." Click here to read Rachael's full story. 

Rebecca's Kick Ass Story

"I was 17 when the diagnosis was made." Click here to read Rebecca's full story

Rosie's Kick Ass Story

My twin sister, Lauren, was diagnosed at the age of 28 with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer. I don’t think I will ever forget that day, it was second most heart-breaking day of my life, the most heart-breaking day was when she died at the age of 29. Click here to read Rosie's full story.

Sally K's Kick Ass Story

Since having my two little men, I have come to love the philosophy of ‘listen when your body whispers, before it yells at you’. At the age of 38 I am a proud nurse, I take pride in helping others optimise their health, and my friends will attest that I enjoy sharing my views on healthy living. So when I received my stage 1 bowel cancer diagnosis 6 months ago, to say that I was in a world of shock and disbelief is an understatement. Click here to read Sally's full story.

Sandra's Kick Ass Story

"After the colonoscopy, the doctor who carried out the procedure told me he was unable to complete the scope as he had found a large tumour and couldn’t get the scope past that point. I was told I was bordering on a bowel obstruction." Click here to read Sandra's full story.

Sarah C's Kick Ass Story

"I distinctly recall his shaking hands as he explained each photo of a 7cm malignant tumour located in my sigmoid colon. ‘I’m sorry Sarah, we’re confident it’s bowel cancer’. ‘You’re so young’ he kept saying. ‘We did not expect this’. Phrases I’ve heard numerous times since." Click here to read Sarah's full story. 

Sarah H's Kick Ass Story

"I was first diagnosed with bowel cancer a few weeks before my 28th birthday, and a month before my wedding." Click here to read Sarah's full story. 

Sarah S' Kick Ass Story

"I was told I had cancer - a huge shock given my age, relative health and no family history." Click here to read Sarah S' full story.

Sarah St's Kick Ass Story

My name is Sarah I’m now 36 but was diagnosed with bowel cancer back in May 2016 when I was 33. Click here to read Sarah St's full story.

Shannon L's Kick Ass Story

I feel I only had cancer for 6weeks and it didn't really hit me. It hit my husband and family instead. It feels like they went through it instead of me. Click here to read Shannon's full story.

Shannon's Kick Ass Story

My story starts in 2010 just after my 30th birthday, life was good.It's been a long 9 years so far, but I've had so many good times with plenty more to come. Click here to read Shannon's full story.

Shelley's Kick Ass Story

"I was 34 when I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer, July 2018." Click here to read Shelley's full story. 

Sherryn's Kick Ass Story

"Where do I begin? I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Bowel Cancer in September 2016, I was 34 years old, a Mum to 3 beautiful girls, a wife and also working full time!" Click here to read Sherryn's full story. 

Steph's Kick Ass Story

"2018 . The 22nd May , I was 32 . Diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic bowel cancer 6 days before my 33rd birthday." Click here to read Steph's full story. 

Tabatha's Kick Ass Story

"I was living in Victoria in 2016 / 2017 and although I experienced pain on a weekly basis, I ignored it and tried to eat gluten free and hoped eventually the symptoms would get better and I could feel at ease, but it never did." Click here to read Tabatha's full story

Tamara's Kick Ass Story

"Hi, my name’s Tamara and two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with bowel cancer – I was 40." Click here to read Tamara's full story. 

Tanya's Kick Ass Story

"Thursday 27th July, I awoke from my colonoscopy, the doctor walked into the recovery room and made a beeline to my bed. "I'm sorry I wish I had better news," he said, "I've found a tumour, you need to come see me tomorrow". I can't remember anything anyone said to me after that, I just broke down crying." Click here to read Tanya's full story 

Toni's Kick Ass Story

Over the last 15 months I have learned many life lessons during this chapter of my life. Most of all, I have learned to put my health first and not to procrastinate because it may be embarrassing or require change. Just because it’s your normal, doesn’t mean it is normal. If you don’t feel right, it never hurts to have a conversation. Click here to read Toni's full story

Tracy's Kick Ass Story

"The doctor told us to sit down and he turned to Kelly and said “you have a serious problem”, Kelly and I looked at him and said, “What is it”. He said you have a 6cm tumour in your lower rectum. I turned to him and said is it cancerous and he replied yes. He said “Kelly you have bowel cancer." Click here to read Tracy's story about her daughter Kelly.

Wendy's Kick Ass Story

"I am a 57 year old and I guess my diagnosis of bowel cancer did not come as a real shock. At 21 (1982) I was diagnosed with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) and subsequently had a sub-total colectomy." Click here to read Wendy's full story.